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Ready for the Future: Your opportunity to shape the content presented at EAPC 2025 in Helsinki!

Today we have launched the call for proposals for themed sessions for EAPC Congress 2025, in Helsinki, Finland . This blog from the Chairs of the Scientific Committee will help to explain in more detail. We have put together this list of FAQ’s to help you know what to do.


These sessions are part of the scientific programme of the congress. In previous EAPC Congresses we called them ‘parallel sessions, workshops, or meet the expert sessions. These are sessions which enable the scientific committee to provide a broad range of topics, some of them for a niche audience, within the short time constraints of the congress. Typically, during the World Congress, we have 4 streams of themed sessions running concurrently. 

Yes, they are different. The call for abstract submission (where successful abstracts will be selected for either an oral or a poster presentation), will be launched in July 2024. Abstracts are focused on a specific piece of work, often the findings from a research project. Themed sessions are broader, with a wider remit, and more flexibility in how the information is presented.  

The themed sessions are a way of providing content that enables EAPC to: 

  • introduce new ideas, concepts and content to the congress, through the voices of new and emerging palliative care expert clinicians and researchers  
  • Involve experts from outside the field of palliative care, whose work is relevant for the palliative care community 
  • Delve deeper into those subjects which we know our congress delegates want to hear about, for example symptom management 

Through this call we are inviting anyone with a great idea relevant to our theme of ‘ready for the future’ to submit a proposal. This includes EAPC Task Forces and Reference Groups, EAPC members, EU research partners and other interested groups and the public to send their suggestions for content to be included in the congress. The Scientific Committee will review all proposals and select those which they believe reflect the congress theme and that will provide particular value to congress delegates. 

The congress theme is Ready for the Future. We are inviting proposals that are relevant to and address this theme. We especially welcome content that reflects how palliative care is ready for the future in a world with increasing complexity, challenge, and uncertainty.   

The scientific committee have defined the list of thematic tracks for the congress, please indicate which track your proposal is aligned with on the application form.  

Themed sessions are scheduled for 45 or 90 minute slots in the programme.  

We are looking for a range of types of sessions, particularly those that will actively engage delegates. Types of sessions available are:  

  • A ‘masterclass’ with two to three expert speakers on a particular topic, and time for Q&A  
  • An interactive workshop 
  • A panel discussion with perhaps three or four short presentations (10 minutes max) from an expert panel, followed with discussion and Q&A 

Your proposal should match the content and type of session to the time available (45 or 90 minutes).  

Having a range of diverse voices and perspectives is important to EAPC and is something that our delegates have told us they want more of. To promote this, we ask: 

  • If you are proposing a session with multiple speakers, these should be from different countries, and bring different perspectives to the session.  
  • That individual people are not named as speakers in more than two proposals. 

When reviewing the submitted proposals, the Scientific Committee will ensure that an individual speaker will not be allocated to more than two sessions.  

Anyone can! Through the themed sessions, we are keen to receive proposals from as wide a range of people, groups, or organisations as possible. We especially welcome proposals from new groups and individuals who have not previously presented at EAPC congress, and the inclusion of speakers from outside of palliative care, where relevant. 

The EAPC has a limited budget to support expenses for thematic session speakers.  We really want to prioritise help for people who do not have the means to attend.  We are able to offer to support to a limited number speakers who are part of themed session.   If you want to apply for this financial support, please follow this link to complete a financial support application form. If your proposal is accepted for inclusion in the 2025 congress, your application for funding will be considered and funding prioritised according to need.

If you have any questions about this please feel free to contact to discuss your individual situation.

All applications for support with funding must be made on the online form but this pdf template of the online form is available for information only. Please DO NOT complete this form

Template of funding request form. FOR INFORMATION ONLY

Complete this form by midnight on 31st January 2024. 

A pdf template of the online form is available for information only. Please DO NOT complete the pdf form. All proposals must be made on the online form. 

Template of proposal form. FOR INFORMATION ONLY

Yes, but please complete a separate form for each proposal.  

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