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Science Slam

What to expect when you participate in – a Science Slam 😊

Fun. And a lot to learn!

At the Science Slam, the audience will experience lectures by scientists on their OWN project.

Even if research is the focus, the scientific value of the lecture plays a subordinate role. Rather, it is about making the topic entertaining and showing the audience what projects scientists are doing in their laboratories and libraries. The aim is to reach the minds and hearts of the audience with scientific topics because the audience forms the jury and chooses the winner!

And this jury does not expect dry, boring lectures. On the contrary: Sparkling, funny, surprising in the presentation and yet well founded, scientists should explain their work – in such a way that everyone understands it.

Allowed at aids is only the body itself, what can be worn on the body or carried on stage with your own hands, for example juggling balls to portray neurological disorders. No power point presentations!

Why participate ???

Science Slams make an important contribution to science communication. The format is most suitable for you in case you want to present your new project. You get the chance to explain individual aspects or fundamentals of your project –  the audience will literally experience science as it unfolds.

How to participate:

If you want to be part of the fun, please follow these simple rules:                  

3 minutes time, no power point, you talk about your own project.

Accessories are allowed – as long as you can carry them on your body 😉

The audience will judge your contribution regarding two aspects:

Did I have fun? Did I learn something?

The live science slam will go LIVE on Thursday, 15th June 2023, 6.00 pm – 7.00 pm CET in our congress venue “De Doelen” in Rotterdam.

The favourite presentation of the live audience will be awarded with a really nice price!!!

Our host will be Prof. Dr. Dr. Berend Feddersen, Germany –   – Winner in 2019 and 2021 !!!

He kindly agreed again to give an online tutorial to help newbies prepare for the slam.

Online tutorial via ZOOM will be Tuesday 25th April 2023 14-17h

Email to reserve your place